Armored Core: for Answer

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    Armored Core: for Answer

    Post  Dio on Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:22 am

    This game is for: PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Anyway, I've played armored core games before and this ones made a leap in my eyes.
    The new systems work with the old ones, and they've upgraded the map size now so overboost actually has a purpose some of the time.

    First of i'll discuss the pro's;
    First off the addition of the AFs (Armored Fortresses) makes the whole thing more enjoyable, since before there was only really two types of mission; Kill Generic enemies and buildings and Kill other mechs. Now you get to fight massive spawling enemies that almost gives it a feel of 'Shadow of the collosus', especially during the Motherwell fight.
    In addition water isn't the bane of your career anymore, you mech uses minimal boost to keep it'self topside rather than dropping into the abyss the moment your engine capacity konks out.
    Finally the use of the 'Vanguard Boost' system to start some mission is pretty awesome, the idea is basically strapping a giant engine onto your ass to get past large-scale defenses.

    The con's;
    I'ld have to say it's the new 'Goku'-esque level AIs that show up even in normal mode during mission matches, these things move so fast your mech's auto-targeting can't keep up with it, let alone if your being nuts enough to use manual targeting.
    Additionally some of the mission difficulties need a bit of a re-tune, or atleast adding a feature for a pilot to wimp out of harder fights if they can't get past the impossible ones so they can start another game-session with their mech in peace.
    I mean the normal difficulty battle to get the 'evil' ending is basically like trying to take on four of code geass' lancelot conquestadors at full power; basically impossible unless your the ultimate badass at mech games or you've gone through the other ending routes enough so you can take them on 'the cowards way' from a distance.

    My favourite quote in the game has to be this one from the 2nd last evil mission;
    "One-hundred million kills!"

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