Challenge: Imperishable Night Highscore!

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    Challenge: Imperishable Night Highscore!

    Post  Dio on Thu Mar 05, 2009 12:39 pm

    Allright, here's the deal.
    I figured I hadn't tried my hand seriously at Touhou for a while so I figured i'ld make a run, post the score here and then make a challenge to the rest of you guys to beat me!

    I used Sakuya/Remilia, found Sakuya actually useful for a change which suggests to me i've developed a bit,
    I think people will agree having a human to clear the extra ghosts attacking is useful,
    and of course we all know that going as just a human is somewhat suicidal due to REIMU'S BALLS.

    You've got to play Imperishable Night.
    No continues.
    Any Team/Character selection.

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