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    Mytical Chain

    Post  Dio on Sat May 16, 2009 5:03 pm

    A fun new stage platformer.

    Get the demo here;
    theres 11 mirrors to download from so i'm sure one will work for you.

    Two stages, three characters.
    You can play as any grouping of two between Marisa, Alice and Patchouli.

    For non touhou followers convenience, left to right: Patchouli, Marisa, Alice

    Personally I took the team Marisa&Patchouli.
    Marisa is melee with Master Spark aimed at a diagonal angle from where she's facing for a bomb,
    Patchouli is ranged and has a upward current of projectiles as a bomb.

    Z = Attack
    A = Bomb
    X = Jump/Dash
    C = Change character
    S = Pause/Menu

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