Galactic Civlizations II: Dread Lords


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    Galactic Civlizations II: Dread Lords

    Post  Gazray4699 on Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:04 am

    First thing I'll say? Boring, but so much epic fail you'll be pissing yourself from laughter.

    The story is that a long time ago, when humans and the younger races were still developing, a massive galactic war was fought between the Precursor races: The Noble Arnor and the Dread Lords. They fought viciously until the Dread Lords came within inches of victory. Then... both races vanished without a trace. Millions of years passed and the young races became space farers, but their progress was limited by the star gates, which could only allow travel between two of them. Otherwise, there was no way of exploring space. Then, when the youngest race, the humans, reached space, they discovered something which would shatter the interstellar balance: Hyperdrive. With it, they could explore the ends of the galaxy. Soon, all of the younger races were striving to explore, expand, colonize and ultimately conquer the galaxy. But what they didn't know... was there is far worse things than each other in the blackness of space...

    The main focus of the game is a war between the youngest race, the Terran Empire (Humans) and the Drengin Empire (Drengin) which ultimately leads to the activation of something which brings back the Dread Lords. It's much like Star Trek Armada II, except it's a bit more high-tech. Unfortunately, the game gets very repetitive and isn't very clear on how to do things. Not to mention a game system that seems to have a mind of it's own and rarely ever responds to your influence. Plus, there are multiple typos in the game text. As I said, boring and not very well made.

    However, it's entertaining in one value: The AI sucks. The first time I played, I won simply because the AI was so stupid it crashed it's own economy. This was within 5 minutes of playing, barely into the 5th turn. After several more attempts at playing, I had to stop playing it simply because my ribs hurt from hysterical laughing. I'd seen them destroy their own economy twice, watched their fleets wandering the map with no particular purpose and once, even detonating a nuclear device that destroyed my fleet... but then they crashed their economy again trying to re-make it XD

    Overall, crap game, unless you like laughing at epic-fail AIs.
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    Re: Galactic Civlizations II: Dread Lords

    Post  KingK on Fri Aug 07, 2009 7:59 am

    I'll keep that in mind if I ever come across it.


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