New Section Details & Of course Rules

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    New Section Details & Of course Rules

    Post  Dio on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:56 pm

    Adventures! It's like having a roleplay section except not quite!
    Theres two main types of adventure; Comic based ones which the resident game master for each thread uses pictures, flash or videoes to elaborate on whats going on in the scene. There are also Text based ones for those who prefer using descriptions and the old imagination drive.

    • If you can't continue an adventure then post in it's thread that it's 'ended'. It'll get locked before it turns into a pit of complaints.
    • If you intend to have 'adult themes' then make sure the readers will know about them before hand, either note it in the adventure description, thread name with a [NSFW] tag or put 'elicit' material in a pair of spoiler tags. Not that anyone will complain if you don't because last I checked this forum wasn't full of babies.
    • Anyone can start a thread, if you've a limited player stock then note who's who, or who is allowed to drive the adventure. If your thread is public then try and take responses from more than one person.
    • Being intresting or funny helps but isn't mandatory.

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