Totally Original Album Review Thread


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    Totally Original Album Review Thread

    Post  mcmicken on Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:02 am

    Well we all listen to music, we all give each other recommendations but here is a place where you can talk a bit more in depth about it all. Oh, and this idea is totally independant of Dio's New Anime Review relation whatsoever.

    Anyhoo, as usual I shall get the ball rolling. I'm not fussed for any set format, just an overview, what works, what doesn't, favourite tracks...whatever you want basically. Or I'll just use this as another way of making the Music forum look busy outside the "What're Youse Pricks Listening to on Yer New Fangled iPods?" thread.

    The Cat Empire - Cinema

    Huge fan of these guys so expectations were at an all time high for this one. After hearing a dodgy youtube video of Call Me Home months ago and the singles Beyond All and Feeling's Gone, I have to say I wasn't overly impressed. Don't get me wrong, I liked them but they didn't grab me like the older stuff did. But nevertheless, in support of The Empire I persevered and bought the album. Having lived with it for about a week now I have to say, I'm a huge fan of it. The guys have taken it to another level, again showing how eclectic a group they are but showing more and more that they are one. The brass, the keys, the vocals...everything just ties together really well making some of their catchiest, well-crafted songs to date. Even the songs I, at 1st, wasn't impressed with grew on me and make sense in the context of the album. Been whistling the brass bit to All Hell and singing Shoulders all week at work. Says enough for me.

    Young Guns - All Our Kings Are Dead

    Now I borrowed this album off a mate recently and liked it enough to buy my own copy (I know I know...I'm one of those fags that still pays money for music). I really like these guys, they write good catchy radio-friendly post-hardcore. The good songs on the album are absolute belters but it does suffer from a few "album tracks" - just generic, by-numbers, songs that aren't very memorable. Another irk I have with this album is that I don't like the way it was sounds very distinctive don't get me wrong, unmistakably Young Guns but there's something I don't like about it. Oh, and the single Winter Kiss sounds completely different to the rest of the album. Oh, and they picked the wrong song from the EP to put on the LP. Weight of the World isn't a bad song but if you listen to their Mirrors EP, I personally prefered all the other songs. Worth checking out, good to hear decent new bands.

    Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

    Half of me didn't want this album to happen. After The Rev died listening to and watching A7X always felt quite weird. A7X minus The Rev did not equal A7X. But a mate pushed it and I caved and bought it. Damn good album actually, a fitting tribute to their fallen brother. Naturally the lyrical direction of the album is pretty dark due to circumstances but this just makes the album much more honest and believable. The awesome guitars are still there, the vocals are better than ever (Shadows returns to his brutal roots on God Hates Us All) and a particularly haunting track called Fiction is based around a duet between M Shadows and The Rev (parts recorded before his death natch). Save Me is an awesome ending track, Welcome to the Family features them at their melodic I say, an album full of what makes Avenged Sevenfold great - past and present. I'm interested where they go from here as they've evolved with every album from the Sounding the Seventh Trumpet album through to this one.

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