Plains of Blood

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    Plains of Blood

    Post  Dio on Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:24 pm

    My account isn't active on another forum so I can't post in it's recruitment thread yadda yadda, so i'm posting the army idea here for review.


    Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos

    BEEEEEEEES, there I said it. This army is largely inspired by swarms of insects and thet way that they act 'taken to the next level', though in this case we're not talking about 'giant bugs' or anything. In most cases the individual members don't have wings so mabye it's more like ants.

    Army Talents
    1 : Perfected Hivemind Relay
    Each of the army is actually by it'self tiny and are about as much threat as a normal insect to a human sized being. However through complete improbability the swarm evolved a mastered form of hive mind. Given a unit is within their mass which can command the army they may act as one and move as a whole at the same time.

    2 : Spanner in the Works
    Improbability shines on the army, and it has a bizzare knack for working it's way through defenses no matter how well concieved. Like a stuporous cow wandering out onto a motorway and demolishing a millionare's more expensive supercar the army will make a potentially stupid series of choices bypassing any fortress' defense at a point cost required as by the game master depending on the cost of the fortress.

    3 : Curious Kinship
    Whenever the army encounters someone who is of particularly prominant fate (a Leader Unit or Hero unit of atleast 1000pts) which is not immediately hostile to it's collective then it's player will roll a 1d12 and consult the following chart.

    12 Partner : Follows the Hero, Does it's best to assist them.
    11 Ally : Assists the Hero so long as it's within it's sight.
    10 Comrade : Protects the Hero for 1d12 battles.
    9 Pet : Protects the hero for one battle, then loses intrest.
    8 Intrest : The Army inspects the Hero so long as they're passive.
    7 Curiosity : The Army investigates the Hero, Flees if confronted.
    6 Non-Intrest : The Hero is boring, and is ignored.
    5 Toy : The Army aggrivates the Hero non-aggressively.
    4 Foe : The Hero is deemed a threat and is attacked.
    3 Prey : The Hero is stalked, but the army can be scared off.
    2 Food : The Hero is marked, it can only be scared off for a time.
    1 Horror : Runs from the Hero in absolute fear.

    Leader [4 Abilities] (1000-2000 pts)
    The King
    Direct the Swarm : The King may direct the hive to move in a disassembled form, which actually makes them appear as nothing more than a marching band of unusual looking ants. This form excells in moving undetected as spotting it requires one to be looking at their feet, while in this form the army may attack a singular opponent by swarming over their body and biting them all over.
    Assume the Form : The King may direct the swarm to interlock with one another and assume a single mass. Generally this includes the forms of local wildlife or humanoid forms. However the King may learn to assume the form of anything which there is sufficient hive members to 'build' and which it has observed enough or or ate enough or to be knowledgeable about. Knowledge of forms is not passed down from King to King and needs to be 're-learned' by each generation.
    Synthasize Voice : Kings have developed a knack for picking up the habits of the forms it may later assume, this includes sounds which they produce in certain situations and other form's reactions to these, the king may have the swarm attempt to replicate these sounds with varying degrees of success. Example it may note that women often respond to the sound of a crying child or that a guard may make a certain noise at a doorway. It is unable to learn spoken languages however, therefore it's mimicry is not entirely foolproof ands the hive has no real 'vocal chords' so to speak and can only try and roughly reproduce the sound as co-ordinated by the King.
    Absolute Monarchy : The will of the King is paramount, so long as the King is alive and under his direct control the hive makes attempts to resist fear as one. Therefore if the army is spooked then it will run away as the King commands, if not it will stand mindlessly unless the King decides to do so was a bad idea after all.

    Heroes [3 Abilities] (500-1000 pts)
    This large bloated insect provides a bizzare functions for it's hivemates, firstly it secretes a fluid which is used by drones to increase the individual hive members heat resistant exponentially, likewise it's body features a bloated pair of gland from which it may ejaculate and ignite a highly flammable fluid allowing the army to effectively 'spit fire'. Firebugs are usually given a place in the semi-buried 'mouth' of the hive.
    Breath of Fire : By clacking it's jaws rapidly and then compressing it's prominant gland the Firebug can launch a jet of flamming fluid. Should the gland be damaged then the army is slathered in the same flammable fluid however, given time to heal drones can restore a 'split' firebug to full functionality so long as it remains alive.
    Heat Screening : The Firebug constantly secretes a mucus and thus a team of drones is requires to constantly provide it with suitable food, however this fluid may be applied to other hive members to raise their natural tollerance to extreme heat.
    Swarm Cooker : While acting as a swarm the firebug's Heat Screening allows the army to preform a 'special tactical manouver'. The swarm moves en-masse to cover the entirety of a single creature as quickly as they can then they begin a frenzied dance rubbing up against one another which causes them to generate a massive amount of heat.

    This bug's role is to oversee the hive's health, should it decern a member of the hive to be showing unhealthy symptoms then it is able to sever the bug's mind link to the hive (Effectively turning it into a normal bug) and eject it from the hive's mass. Likewise it routinly patrols through the 'womb' of the hive and consumes weaker infants.
    Harsh Nanny : Having an enforcer in the hive weedles out the weaker grubs which are born and effectively increases the strength of the hive for the next generation. Boosts general parameters.
    Body Doctoring : The enforcer effectively removes any infection within the hive by expelling the danger and killing it's link to the hive. Allows the army to sacrifice troops to clean the army of disease.

    The prince is a infantile King, due to phermaones secreted by the king it's development is however halted therefore so long as a King is present it cannot 'come of age' and thusly take leadership of the hive. Likewise they are practically useless to the hive while in their juvanile state. Their ability to mature should the King die is none the less invaluable.
    Assume the Throne : Given a additional expendature of points as stated by the game master and a suitable gestation period the Prince may enter a metamorphosis stage after which it develops into a fully fledged King Unit.

    Troops (1-15 pts)
    These slug like creatures are near worthless while solitary, however they have small fiberous legs by which they may grip to one another and move as one for impressive results.
    Together we Stand : Muscles form arms, legs and other limbs of the armies' assumed form. If a group of muscles is severed from the assumed form then the surviving members will scuttle to the

    Elites (15-75 pts)
    These curious insects sport bizzare elongated antennae and a single large bulbous eye. Amusingly they are rather clumsy while acting alone but when rooted amongst their kind they become an effective sensory array.
    The Eyes and Ears : Antennae report diectly to the the entity directing the swarm what is around it with by acting as composite eyes and ears while the swarm is in an assumed form.

    As their name suggests these bugs preform a bizzare duty for the hive, from their birth they devlop long bodies which reaching maturity harden almost like a cacoon into long sharpened ivory exoskeletons. While they themselves are rendered helpless without other swarm members to feed them with correct placement the swarm is able to use them for offense be it as claws for hands or teeth for artificial mouths with their correct placement upon the armies body.
    Tooth and Nail : While in an assumed form the Clawtooth allows the army to attack without breaking form by being used to slash or pierce opponents.

    Heavies (75-500)
    Exoskeletons are large beetle like bugs which sole purposes in life is so grow larger, sturdier and stronger in order to protect the other members of the swarm from outward attack
    Defend the Swarm : Exoskeletons are almost always placed as either central columns from which the hive may support their weight upon or as defensive walls on the 'skin layer' of the hive to defend it from predators. Internal Skeletons (lol) are used by muscles as bases and increase the total supported weight of the hive, external Exoskeletons soak damage and are allways take the brunt of attacks on the swarm.

    Spell Casters [Up to 5] (75-500)
    There creatures are one of the few common hive members to serve a veriaty of purposes. Not only do they scuttle throughout the hive assuring that members of the colony are well fed and healthy but they also actively fertalise the eggs produced by the Queen and thusly expand the hive. When neccisary these drones are also capable of shifting the Queen while the hive is in swarm form.

    Taking their name from domestic houseflies these bugs band together with other flies and muscles to form lightweight wings for the army. Individually their bodies are fragile but when banded together they interweave with their partner's bodies to become particularilly strong and purposful.
    From Beast to Bird : Given that Flies are present in sufficient numbers to form atleast two wings the army may fly short distances at suprising speed while in an assumed form.

    The Queen
    Direct the Swarm : Should the King die then the hive loses the ability to take an assumed form, however the Queen takes command and leads it's children's disassmbled swarm as would the King. Should a Prince assume the throne then the Queen steps down from rule and returns to her primary role birthing new hive members all day.
    From where it is Born : The Queen spends the entirety of it's existance producing eggs for the drones to fertilise. Infact it's anatomy is so dedicated to this purpose it is unable to move by it'self, however it may be carried by it's ever faithful drones it is commmonly found where an animals womb would be while the swarm is in an assumed form though it is shifted higher or lower should the region of it's location become a common target for attacks.

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