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    Post  Dio on Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:55 am

    Those crazy french,
    they tried making a game.
    Naturally they also tried to make it art...
    A blank canvas?

    Good thing this game uses the unreal engine and your enemies are walking bags of paint.


    It's worth a laugh but it seems like you'll need a pretty powerful pc to get it to behave,
    it was somewhat fluttering with lag on my pc anyway.

    Theres no action to the game,
    just a weird sort of amusement as you splatter paintbag men around the map,
    each of your 'guns' has a diffrent effect on how the paintbags die;
    Machinegun makes a blob where they stood and then you can watch them run away from you and pop a little way away having left a bloodtrail between spots,
    Shotgun makes a nice slat in the direction you shot them,
    Bowling-ball-launcher makes your traditional stroke of paint,
    Grenade Launcher give you a nice centralised splatter.
    Sadly the magnet gun doesn't kill them, it's for repositioning the blighters.

    The game allows you to pick from a pallete of bags whenever your starting a new painting,
    then while you run around you'll see randomly sized bagmen of random colours within the pallete,
    obviously shooting a bigger bagman makes for a bigger splat of paint.
    Regardless of your palette there is always a few black ones wandering around.
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    Re: White

    Post  FlyingFantastica on Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:16 am

    It reminds me of Drawn to Life
    But without little kids getting hurt and coma dreams

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