[D&D] Trumpetcrabs

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    [D&D] Trumpetcrabs

    Post  Dio on Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:23 pm

    Campain Synopsis
    Trouble is brewing in the small moorside town of Trumpetcrabs, after a in court dispute between the Town Mayor of Trumpetcrabs and the Lady of the neighbouring province; Dame Franciszka Raincopper, over wether if the Trumpetcrabs area was being put to proper use. The Baron lording over the local courts decreed that if the Mayor of Trumpetcrabs was able to bring forth something to prove the worth of the town then no action would be taken against the town.

    The Mayor turned to a pair of siblings, members of a long lasting line of alchemists and magicians to provide something to impress the courts. Their answer was that they would produce a homunculus, something that they had spent much time studying, and with the Mayor's backing they could attempt the production of.

    However, while reading through the ritual documents the siblings noticed something amiss, and modified the ritual. However, this alteration provided them with a successful homunculus. Which the Mayor took before the Courts, much impressed with the creation the courts went in the Mayor's favour and the town settled down once more.

    However their respite was brief, roused to the Mayor's offices by the disappearance of the spellbook they had taken the original homunculus creation ritual from in a suspicious break in the evening's meeting was to be cut short when the shouts of panic broke out through the town.

    Openings for 4 Characters based on Plot Roles:
    Elder Magician Sibling : Havock
    Younger Magician Sibling : Outsider
    Homunculus : -Disputed- (Venion, Neko_Neko)
    Town Mayor : Magister

    Additional Notes
    Players will be provided with means to produce their own arms, equipment and items;
    As such it is mandatory that The Sibling characters take atleast one craft skill or feat.
    This campain will use the Asgardian Pantheon not the default D&D Pantheon.
    Leadership can be taken as a feat, it is mandiatory for the Mayor character.
    The Homunculus character is expected to take a heritage feat or a monsterous race.

    Campain Books
    Players's Handbook, Players Handbook II, Complete Series (Arcane, Adventurer Divine, Mage, Warrior), Fiend Folio (Grafts & Symbiotes Only), Heroes of Horror, Libris Mortis, Lords of Madness.

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