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    Post  Dio on Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:22 am

    The story mode on this game, what the hell.
    I mean c'mon what kind of sick game expects you to fight every single round three times winning with a special, winning and losing to make sure you get all the possible results and includes visual novel style choices so you have branching paths for each character you have to go through?

    Plus I honestly can't decide if the combat is that well horribly balanced or if i've played Touhou 12.3 enough to understand how to cancel into moves the way this game expects you to. Ie. Ragna has no one-two hit moves unless you drop into his crouch, in order to combo you can do a hit, a crouch hit and then roll a reverse hadoken to throw out a third hit; However playing Noel you can just tap X and Square together repeatedly and she'll fly off into a 7-hit combo.

    Fuck Timeshit.

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